Double chance, double wins

How to play?

Through our retail network

We have 2 types of tickets you can participate with:

SIMPLE Ticket:

With the Simple ticket, you can participate by either selecting your own 6 lucky numbers and a Mzooka Powerball or by letting the system automatically slect numbers for you.

You can select the numbers as a single line or multiple lines up to 4 lines at one go.


Single line


Multiple lines with 3 lines




Multiple lines with two lines



Once you have selected the numbers, the agent will confirm your final selection and then print out the ticket after you have paid.

QUICK PICK Ticket: with this form of simple ticket, the system automatically selects numbers for you. You can also have them as a single line or Multiple lines as explained above.

COMBO ticket: allows you to pick more than 6 numbers, and more than 1 Mzooka Power Ball (PB)

The following combinations are available for a Combo Ticket:

  • 6 Numbers + 10 Mzooka Power Balls
  • 7 Numbers + 10 Mzooka Power Balls
  • 8 Numbers + 8 Mzooka Power Balls
  • 9 Numbers + 2 Mzooka Power Balls
  • 10 Numbers + 1 Mzooka Power Ball

If you have won, present yourself with your ID and ticket to agent.

For amounts over Kshs. 50,000.00 paid at PNL central office

Each ticket costs Kshs.80.00 and entitles you to 2 draws in each draw day.